Web Summit 2018
The presence of China during Web Summit continues to be very shy.
Web Summit 2018
… great expectations for all of its attendees with the World’s Leading CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Creatives coming together in one place
Macau News Agency
The development of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem is part of Macau’s five-year development plan
Macau News
Macau government mulls stronger support to young start-uppers
“Macau’s Most Exciting Startup”
“The Chinese Market represent the majority of the 31 Million visitors Macau has per year”
“Two Portuguese and Local Residents launched an Experiences Portal aiming the Chinese Market”
“This is the Platform that combines the Most Cool Leisure & Entertainment offer to all visitors that come to Macau”
in Plataforma Macau
“There is no other platform like this in Macau, doing what we aim to do. There is a strong competition from Chinese Platforms, but none of them as the quantity and diversity that we offer all travelers.”
“Our mission is to foster innovation within hospitality in Macau and connect with the new generation of Chinese tourists that are permanently connected to the Internet.”

“Follow Me Macau is the first online platform to offer different experiences for travelers. Ranging from culinary, culture, history, nature, shopping, adventure, sports and social life, this platform looks for different ways to take tourism to another level. One of our main focus is to promote “Macau as a center of tourism entertainment and leisure in Asia.”