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Local Market Food Tour

HKD 80

Duration: 2.30' hours

Price Per Person

Min Persons: 2

Max Persons: 10

Location: Meeting in front of Leal Senado' Building - Av. Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lo)

Booking with less than 24h will need availability confirmation from local guide.

There are only 4 cities in China that are have the privilege to be part of UNESCO Creative Cities, and Macau is one of them!.

The cuisine of Macao illustrates the territory’s multi-cultural history and is a combination of ingredients and cooking techniques from countries along Portugal historic trade routes, including Goa, Mozambique, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

This is the perfect tour for those interested in local food and guided by a local.

Join this tour with a local to explore a local food market. Perhaps buy a fruit not commonly seen in your country.

Eating with a local and you won't have problems ordering food! Try out the real local food, definitely the authentic ones! During this meal time, the local guide can provide guidance and tips to get around Macau.

Meal budget is not included, it is subject to one person appetite, mostly around HK$ 20-50 per person.

Additional Information

Payment: Is made only after activity confirmation from the supplier.

Information details about your activity will be sent after the booking confirmation.

Rules: Please wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear. 

Cancellation policy: Non refundable after purchasing, unless the experience is cancelled due to an unexpected situation. (e.g. weather conditions)



Leal Senado Building - Av. Almeida Ribeiro (San Ma Lo)