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Movie Oscars

HKD 375

No. of People: 5 – 150

Team Size: 3 – 15 people per team

Duration: Can be tailored anywhere from 1 to 4 hours

Location: Indoor or outdoor

Movie Oscars: 

Movie Oscars involves everyone in a captivating project that requires real teamwork and produces a lasting result.

After the hilarious screening of each trailer during the wrap party, judges will announce the winning team and award prizes!

In this Movie Oscars Team Building activity, the teams will perform in the first person all the steps of the artistic process leading to the creation of a short film.

They will write down the screenplay and the dialogues, choose location, music and special effects, recite and direct the actors.

The result? It will be a short film or a spot dedicated to a new product or service of the company, to its history, to a theme of a convention or to any other topic.

Additional Information

Payment: Is made only after activity confirmation from the supplier.

Information details about your activity will be sent after the booking confirmation.

Rules: Please wear weather appropriate clothing and comfortable footwear. 

Cancellation policy: Non refundable after purchasing, unless the experience is cancelled due to an unexpected situation. (e.g. weather conditions)



Indoor or outdoor