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Pilates Experience

HKD 600

Duration: 1 hour

Min persons: 1

Max persons: 5

Included: All sessions are guided with a Certified Trainer.

Availability: Booking with less than 72h will need availability confirmation. Upon inquiry we will inform you immediately.

Specify your preference: Outdoor or Indoor, and place your choice in the checkout, under "comments".

Pilates is a system of mind-body exercise developed over 90 years ago by Joseph Pilates.

The Pilates Method comprises a repertoire of exercises designed to improve core stability and strength, mobility, flexibility, coordination and balance.

The Pilates exercises lengthen and strengthen the muscles, down to the deepest core, restoring balance to the whole body. This holistic approach of the method sets Pilates apart from many other exercises.

Besides being an effective conditioning program, Pilates is also a valuable rehabilitation tool.

By joining the experience you will enjoy an hour of Mat Pilates in a cozy setting with personalized attention. The session will be properly adapted to your fitness level and will comprise a balanced combination of exercises that will leave you feeling relaxed and energized.

A trusted Pilates Trainer - easy to book -can be at your home, office, hotel in our personal gym or at the park.

Come and experience a new and innovative approach to exercise!

Additional Information

Important: Pilates is one of the safest types of exercises and is designed to improve your overall physical condition, fitness and health. However, like any other types of exercises, it may involve risks, for which the Instructor shall not be responsible. If you are undergoing medical treatment, taking drugs or pregnant, you must consult your doctor first.

Rules: Please wear appropriate sport wear clothing

Cancellation policy: Non refundable after purchasing, unless the experience is cancelled due to an unexpected situation.

Payment: Is made upon Booking confirmation by the experience supplier.


Please specify your preference: Outdoor or Indoor, and place where you stay (incsert on checkout under "comments").