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Pole Fitness

HKD 350

Duration: 1h 30'

Min persons: 2

Max persons: 10

Important: All lessons include a Professional Instructor. 

Availability: Booking with less than 24h will need availability confirmation.

Once the sole preserve of gentlemen; clubs, pole dancing has been continuously evolving over the past decade to become an extremely popular form of dance and fitness for women and men alike.

Whether you want to bring out your sexy side or use it as a way to get stronger and fitter, pole dancing could be for you.

Pole dancing can be whatever you want it to be, with many people choosing to incorporate other disciplines into their pole work. Whether it be gymnastics, yoga, ballet, or contemporary dance, you can develop your own style as you progress!

Pole dance classes help you also to lose weight, improve your posture, tone your abs and arms and generally improve your health, fitness and well being.

Don't miss this chance for this innovative experience!

Additional Information

Clothing recommendations: Leggings, tight tee with sleeves.Socks & gloves off. No big  jewelry.

Equipment: All mats and necessary props are provided.

Cancellation policy: Non refundable after purchasing, unless the experience is cancelled due to an unexpected situation.

Information details about your activity will be sent after the booking confirmation.



"The Cave", Fábrica Va Nam, Avenida Olímpica 568 - Taipa