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Private Kitchen Dining

HKD 450

Duration: 3 hours

Min persons: 2

Max Persons: 10

Availability: Upon inquiry we will inform you immediately on the Chef availability.

Information Dinner set menu all included with Drinks

A private kitchen is a restaurant that can't call itself a restaurant. It can't openly advertise, it can't post a menu for passer-by to see; in fact it can't, really, be openly visible to passer-by at all.

A private kitchen is really about personal dining experience that makes you feel like belonging to an exclusive club. Eating at a private kitchen gives you the chance to talk with the chef and learn more about Home style Macanese food delicacies. You have a very dedicated chef who is just going to serve you and nobody else.

Macau private kitchen are found mostly in quiet residential neighborhoods and offer a unique gastronomic alternative to the luxury hotels.

There isn’t a fixed menu. If you want something special you can talk to the Chef about yours expectations and special requests, before settling anything.

 On days with bookings, the Chef will go to the market to buy the freshest local products and will starts preparing dinner in the beginning of the afternoon. When ring the doorbell, your private chef guest will rush out from the kitchen and will lead you to the dining room, which is normally filled with family portraits or personal local decor.

You will be able to dine and taste high-end fusion cuisine without needing to care about manners or rules. Everyone will leave with full stomach!

Additional Information

Payment: Is made only after activity confirmation.

Information details about your activity will be sent in the Voucher after the booking confirmation.

Rules: Children under 18 Need to be accompanied

Cancellation policy: Non refundable after purchasing, unless the experience is cancelled due to an unexpected situation.



Dining address and details will be sent in the Voucher confirmation